Unshaken and cold.
All the way to the campfire.


Designed for adventure. Optimized for beer. Arboga BeerPack is the backpack that makes it easier to bring beer on the hike. Through groundbreaking technology it reduces the impact on back and shoulders by up to 86%, and keeps the beer cold and unshaken all the way to the campfire. No matter the terrain.


Anti-Shake System
The built-in anti-shake system minimizes the risk of shaken beer and foam explosions.

Impact Force Reduction
The unique stabilization system reduces the beer’s impact on back and shoulders, by up to 86%, when carrying beer long distances.

Thermal Insulation
The integrated cooler compartment keeps the beer cold, all the way to the campfire.


Material: Cordura and leather 

Volume: 30 litres

Width: 29 cm

Height: 46 cm

Depth: 13 cm

Sex: Unisex

Arboga BeerPack

Price: 6.995 SEK

Shipping not included

Note! Arboga BeerPack is manufactured in a limited edition and sold, while supplies last, on a first come first served basis. After placing an order you’ll get contacted through e-mail. A placed order does not guarantee the product.